Shabu Shabu Recipe

Cooking Shabu Shabu is one of the most fun ways to eat and entertain with family and friends, perfect for the Tribesman Table Grill.

The name ‘Shabu Shabu’ comes from the Japanese for ’swish swish’. This is the sound created while stirring your vegetables and meat in the hot pot to create your very own delicious dish. Just like the Tribesman Table Grill, shabu shabu is perfect for a unique communal dining experience and brings people closer together.

Shabu Shabu Recipe from Just One Cookbook

That’s why we thought we’d share this great recipe by Just One Cookbook, which is the perfect place to find amazing Japanese cooking tips. First created in 2011 by Namiko Hirasawa to share recipes with friends, Just One Cookbook now has over a half a million followers on social media, so it’s safe to say they must be doing something right!

Nami said:

I learned to cook at a young age from my mother, who prepared home cooked meals daily.  I was in the kitchen almost every evening, learning how to prepare ingredients and master techniques specific to each dish.  As was custom for my mother’s generation, she cooked from instinct and heart – but never wrote recipes down. After I moved to the US, I found I no longer had access to the wide variety of Japanese foods that I grew up with. With a desire to record and share my family’s recipes, I created Just One Cookbook.

Shabu Shabu Recipe from Just One Cookbook

To find out more about this fantastic recipe from Just One Cookbook, click on the link below to give your tastebuds a serious treat.

Click here for recipe


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