Korean BBQ Pork

One of the most famous recipes cooked on a Korean BBQ is ‘Bulgogi Pork’, a Korean-inspired dish of marinated pork tenderloin and perfect for your Tribesman Table Grill.

This quick and easy recipe comes from Jo Cooks, who’s culinary skills have amassed an amazing 800,000 followers on Facebook. Jo may be a totally self-taught chef with no formal culinary training, but her delicious recipes have really caught the imagination of would-be head chef’s across the globe. Jo said:

I have to admit that I have only recently been introduced to Korean food and I have to say, I really love it! There are a few popular Korean dishes that I know of, one of them being this Bulgogi, which literally means fire meat in Korean. It usually refers to marinated meat and then grilled, most times on skewers since the meat is sliced really thin. You can also use any kind of meat you choose, such as pork tenderloin as I have here, beef or even chicken such as chicken thighs.

Korean BBQ Bulgogi Pork

By slicing the pork nice and thin, the tender meat literally melts in your mouth. This recipe features some amazing flavors and plenty of heat from all the chili flakes. Serve this over rice or noodles, then garnish with some green onions. Who needs restaurants when it’s so easy to make this at home.

Click the link below to try out this delicious Korean BBQ Bulgogi Pork recipe and bring the wow factor to your cooking experience with the Tribesman Table Grill.

Bulgogi Pork Recipe


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