Hot Pot Recipe

Hot Pot recipes are generally tailored for the carnivores that roam the land, but that’s why we thought we’d share this different option by The Edgy Veg for all you vegans out there.

The Edgy Veg is a delicious vegan and vegetarian movement.  Created by Candice Hutchings & James Aita, who curate forward-thinking meals as they  revolutionize the vegan food experience. Featuring a wide selection of cuisines, decadent desserts and trendy dishes – nothing is off-limits for The Edgy Veg crew, and everything is vegan.

Vegan Hot Pot Recipe

Hot Pot is the perfect dish to try on your Tribesman Table Grill and this recipe is a real clean eating sensation. Featuring tasty tofu, mushrooms, onions, carrots, baby bok choy, bean sprouts and fish-free kimchi, this dish is super simple, healthy and tasty.

This traditional Japanese dish would typically feature slices of meat cooked together with vegetables in a large open hot pot. The Tribesman Table is anything but typical, so this recipe is perfect for the millions of people across the globe who are vegetarian or vegan.

Just click on the link below to find out how you can add a serious vegan treat to your Tribesman Table Grill. Bring the restaurant into your home and create memories to cherish with friends and family.

Vegan Hot Pot recipe


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